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Tuesday, April 26th 2011

2:15 AM

Get Rid of Bed Bugs

Bed Bugs: The main reason for disgust by people today around the globe and perhaps aliens as well; So far there has never happen to be a procedure remaining unpracticed to kill them and envision a new bed-bug-free-world. But Alas! With humans currently being the most highly loaded race anyone has ever known so far, we still haven’t identified the strategy to diminish the disgusting itch of impact; these bed bugs have mockingly loathed upon us. With the situation in New York, which breeds nerves of steel and where expansion is in common-sense, the bed-bug worry has gripped and hollowed the elegance into a scowl.
The most widespread type of Bed Bugs is Cimex Lectularius. They are named so as they opt to prey on Human blood for their nourishment. Due to their minute size, they find the idea quite comfortable to hide under our furniture, sofas, luggage, clothing and other things and hunt us when we are sleeping. The tendency of their strike is however certainly not critical, yet their devastation can vary from minor reddish punctures to huge red-colored spots over our skin. Up to now there has never been a case of serious blood transmitted illnesses due to their activities. Yet that doesn’t allow us to go liberal on these blood-sucking pest or to consider them as no risk to human race. As these parasitic pests have proved themselves to be resistant towards every sort of chemicals they have been exposed to; they have in fact confirmed the fact that they have the most powerful adaptability under the foothold of evolution. So it might not be surprising if in coming generations they present a danger higher than ever before by transmitting viral diseases from a patient to a normal healthy person.
Our strategies of eliminating the Bed Bugs out of our living sphere; has until now happen to be inefficient regardless of the very best efforts we have placed forth. Our repeated uses of chemicals and bio-chemical products have only resulted in the growing resistance amongst these pesky insects with regard to our mediums of eradication. Few years back, a crew of experts from Europe have analyzed the behavior these kinds exhibit thus concluded that; there are after all permanent procedures to Ex-terminate them totally i.e. by means of their secretive hormones pheromone. The same weapon they use to identify and collect around their hosts can lastly be utilized against them.

bed bug
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Tuesday, April 26th 2011

2:14 AM

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